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Standard for Ice Pigeon
Translated from 1954 German standard by H. P. Macklin and updated to recent German standard

Muffed White barred Ice Pigeon

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One of the oldest of the German Color Pigeons. Originally from South Germany which were clean legged. The feather footed from Saxony, Silesia and Lausitz. The checkered Ice (Forellen) were developed in Silesia and South Germany.

General Impression:
Strong, field pigeon shape with low station, muffed or clean legged, always plain headed. Clean legged Ice are a little slimmer in appearance with tighter feathers than the muffed. Very light blue color in all types. Feathers contain some fine powder which adds to the softness of the color. Eye color varies between types.
Race features:
Slightly Oblong, always smooth headed.
The black barred and checked Ice; eye color is orange to yellow orange. The other types all with black eyes. Eye cere is narrow and dark gray.
Medium to long, slender and dark in color.
Broad and deep, forward stretching.
Medium long, gently forward stretched, full at the body with the throat well cut out.
Between the shoulders is broad then gently sloping down and narrowing towards the tail.
Long, resting on the tail, not crossing and covering the lower back and rump.
Long, well closed.
Legs and feet:
Tight fitting and feather rich but not excessively long on the muffed. Short station on clean leg.
Muffed have fuller and softer feathers than clean legs, both with a fine powder which adds to the lightness of color.
Very light blue; barless, white bars or spangling, black bars or checkers or porcelain pattern flights and tail.
Color and Design:

Basic Color: very light blue as bright and soft as possible like new fallen snow. No part of the body to be any other color except for the patterns of bars, spangles, checks in addition wing flights very dark and tail bar is black. Barless are without any wing shield pattern. White bars are pure white and show a thin blackish edge, and are even, long and well separated. Spangles are evenly distributed triangular shapes on the wing shield. In spangles a reedy pattern in the flights is permitted only when not seen in the folded closed wing. Some stencil or bar pattern showing in the muffs is allowed.
Porcelain Colored: The pattern of the wing resembles a spangle but a very slight reddish yellow transition shows up between the white spangle shape and the black edging. Spots of the same color make up pearls on the flights as in finch marked. The tail is required to have large well marked whitish tail spots in the tail bar. The flights are allowed to have rusty reedy marks when not visible on the closed folded wing. Some stencil or bar pattern showing in the muffs is allowed.
Black bars: Are to be even, narrow, long, well separated and black in color. Heavier bar on the muffs is allowed.
Checkers: Clean legged type are called Forellen; wing shield shows an even pattern of large triangular black shapes in parallel rows in a 5 : 3 ratio of black to light. The pattern on the back is allowed to be a little heavier with the black marks than the wing shield. Heavier bar on the muffs is allowed.

Bad Faults:
Weak body, high position; too short or incomplete muffs. On clean legs a reddish eye cere. Any bronze or green gloss in the neck. Whitish back and rump contrasting transition to a darker blue tail. The under tail wedge lacking good ice color. Any suggestion of wing pattern on barless or bar pattern birds showing 3 bars.
Order of evaluation:
Body shape - basic color - wing pattern - eye color - legs, feet, muffs.
Band size:
Muffed 11, Clean leg 7.